Monday, April 26, 2010


During our weekend walks, Cookie and I couldn't help but mourn the end of tulip season. Their colorful lollipop tops are gone, save for a few beat-up looking stragglers that are fighting a losing battle against the brutal Oklahoma winds...

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pink tulips at sunset

Some spectacular photos of Dutch tulip fields have circulated through the inboxes at my office, and I just have to share these from the Daily Mail:

Dutch tulip fieldDutch tulip field 2Dutch tulip field 3

Aren't the fields magnificent? The tulip fields look like modern rugs, with bold color blocks in warm hues, like Paul Smith's Stripe rug from The Rug Company:

Paul Smith striped rug

botanical print of semper augustus tulip
 A Semper Augustus tulip, the most prized tulip for its unique candy-cane like stripes.

There you have it: more than you've ever wanted to know about tulips!

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