Sunday, May 2, 2010

Houseplant Highlight: Monstera Deliciosa

I'm currently enamored with the concept of decorating with large tropical leaves and stem cuttings. When I was in Asheville, North Carolina in March, I admired a large philodendron selloum leaf...

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tropical cutting as decor
Photo of India Hicks' home from the pages of Domino (via Coco + Kelley)

monstera deliciosa as bedroom accent
Stylist Deb McClean adds greenery to a bedroom with some plant cuttings (via Desire to Inspire)

philodendron in Crate and Barrel vase
From Crate and Barrel's Spring 2010 catalogue

plants as living room decoration
Living room designed by Ashe + Leandro (via Coco + Kelley)

This weekend, I stopped at my favorite local flower shop, Birdie, and picked out a "split leaf philodendron". I did some research and learned that the plant isn't actually a philodendron but a close relative to the genus, so the common name is a bit misleading. My plant's scientific name is monstera deliciosa, which is, without a doubt, the coolest plant name I've ever heard.

 Here's my new plant:
my new split leaf philodendron plant

tropical leaf interior design
Pretty cool, right? Here's a close-up:
monstera deliciosa in vase
What do you think? Do you have any cuttings decorating your place?

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  1. Love love love using big leaves. And they last a long time! Great images